1. Started Research

    Sophisticated market research using 150Gb of candlestick data with guidance from top-performing traders.

  2. Alerts Service Launch

    We scan data from 2 popular exchanges, 400 trading pairs and 1 back-tested type of signal. Support for Telegram and Email notifications.

  3. More Exchanges and Signal Types Included

    8 exchanges, 2500 pairs and 5 proven types of signal. Support of Email, Slack, Discord notifications and fastest websocket API.

  4. Portfolio Tracker and Management App

    We help you to track and visualize your crypto portfolio, and give advice on how to reduce risks, depending on current market conditions.

  5. Risk Management and Portfolio Automation

    Smart tools will allow you to set a desired risk/return ratio and automate your exchange accounts to act according to your own strategy. Protect your trading ideas with flexible stop-loss and take-profit parameters. Be ready to save your portfolio from huge volatility using our Panic Sell Algorithm.